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5 Best Teeth Whitening Products – 2021

“Say cheese!” said Joe as she prepared herself to click a selfie with Lina at the restaurant. But the latter couldn’t smile ear to ear as it showed up her yellow, stained teeth.  “Click!!!!!” went the camera that captured her half-hearted smile.   “How can I make my teeth white?” is the question that popped up in her mind though she didn’t say a word.  And while Joe handed over her favorite drink, Lina hesitated, thinking, “Oh, no! How will I remove the stains on my teeth?”  How many of us faced a similar situation?


If you are looking for the best, natural teeth whitening products, to make your teeth bright and shiny, then you landed at the right place!  There is a variety of vegan, natural teeth whitening products that would save you hundreds of dollars of expensive teeth whitening treatment at the clinic.

5 Best Teeth Whitening Products and how they work

  • Organic pulling oil
  • Charcoal toothpaste
  • Teeth whitening strips
  • Teeth whitening pen
  • Whitening light device

Some brands provide a combo of these products as a “Teeth whitening kit” for regular usage.

Vegan Teeth whitening products

Organic pulling oil

Oil pulling is an ancient practice with many proven benefits.  It helps to clear the teeth of harmful bacteria and make the teeth and gums strong.  We present organic pulling oil made from natural ingredients, to prevent tooth decay, tooth cavities, and protect you from bad breath.  It also helps in reducing inflammation of the tooth and strengthens it from the core.  It is a simple natural method used in oral care to maintain good dental hygiene.


Charcoal toothpaste

Activated charcoal is a great cleanser that absorbs stains from the teeth when applied to it.  But would you like to go about using the raw form of it to apply directly on your teeth?  Using charcoal directly causes harm due to its abrasiveness, as it wipes off the outer enamel layer from the teeth in the process of cleansing.  That is the reason why many people look up to charcoal toothpaste to apply to their teeth.  Waking up and brushing teeth is an inevitable part of our daily routine.  Using a charcoal tooth whitening toothpaste brings in the goodness of charcoal without its side effects.


Teeth whitening strips

Dentists recommend the use of teeth whitening strips to whiten the teeth.  After cleaning the teeth, they apply these strips on your teeth for a while and remove it.  This process is repeated for a few sittings till you notice the change in your teeth color as they turn whiter.  However, as more people find it difficult to visit the dentist each time, now these strips are available for home use by yourself.  Smilelush presents these strips with lemon as a prime ingredient.  Lemon naturally contains antioxidants, the bleaching properties of which account for its use in many cleansing and beauty products.  Due to the goodness of lemon present in a carefully-prepared formula of various other ingredients, we bring forth our strips that you can easily use by yourself at your convenience.  In just a short time, you can notice the change!  

 Teeth Whitening Products

Teeth whitening pen

You might have heard of fairy tales in which sketches drawn are brought to life.  The teeth whitening pen makes the tales real.  Just outline with the pen on your teeth and you can see how your teeth turn white along the lines you draw! All you need to do is to rinse your mouth with the foam that appears after drawing.  How good is that?!  Just hold it in your bag that you carry along and use it wherever you go. 


Whitening light device

A whitening light device is an effective present age tool used for brightening your teeth.  Firstly, a whitening ingredient is applied on your teeth by a professional.  Next, a light device is used to trigger the chemical reaction from the applied ingredient.  This is an LED device that emits blue light and it is very effective.


These are some of the best products available for self-use.  Some of these products are an outcome of time-tested ancient practices adapted to suit the present age lifestyle.  Now that we know what are the best products for teeth whitening do check out Smil3Lush which provides a variety of vegan, natural teeth whitening products.

You can subscribe to our box of products that help you get the glow of your smile in no time, all at an affordable price.  With Smil3Lush at your service, the next time you pose for a pic or sit down to gulp your favorite drink, you can be your true self without having to worry about your teeth. Choose Smil3Lush and we will take care of your smile!